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TK30 White Laser Light

TK30 White Laser Light

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Fenix TK30 White Laser Flashlight

The Fenix TK30 is a white laser flashlight. A Class 3B laser stimulates a fluorescent crystal to create a broad spectrum white light, allowing this flashlight to throw 500 lumens a jaw-dropping distance of 3937 feet (1200m)—that is 3/4 of a mile! The laser light creates a more focused spotlight beam, than a standard LED flashlight, with little spill over light. The tactical tail switch operates on/off and momentary on while the side switch operates the 3 lighting modes. Other features include a battery level indicator and it is IP68 rated dustproof and waterproof. Made for tactical applications where distance is priority, the Fenix TK30 flashlight will not disappoint.


  • Fenix ARB-L21-5000U rechargeable li-ion battery
  • USB Type-C charging cable
  • Lanyard, Holster and Spare O-Ring

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

If you’re spending this kind of cash on a flashlight this size then you probably already know that this is a specialized tool. Special it is! After having my hands on it I’d buy it again in a second!

Jeremiah Farmer

This thing is insane. It’s like a searchlight. Easily lights up trees or buildings hundreds of feet away. Up close it’s almost useless, a very small extremely bright light. I tried using it to spot dog poop, it is *not* the correct light for that. But even 100’ out, it’s just incredible. I think I’d prefer a dual light source, so that it could have a simple traditional LED light for anything close-up. Being really only useful for just dominating things hundreds of feet away definitely limits its utility a bit. But as it is, it’s super fun.