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Vapor Trail Outdoors The Frog 20 watt Headlamp
Vapor Trail Outdoors The Frog 20 watt Headlamp

The Frog - 20 Watt Headlamp

Vapor Trail Scents
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Vapor Trail Scents "The Frog" 20 Watt Headlamp

Handcrafted by Vapor Trail Scents and Vapor Trail Outdoors, the 20 watt The Frog LED headlamp is our brightest headlamp to date. This light features a 3.5-inch globe with a LED bulb that puts out 1920 lumens. The light has a dial which allows you to turn up and down the brightness as needed. The built in rechargeable lithium-ion battery lasts 10 hours on the highest brightness and 100 hours on the lowest brightness from full charge. Also features a small 1-inch light on the battery console that will run for 200 hours on a full charge. Popular with coon hunting and frog gigging.

Waterproof container
Two USB charging cables

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 7 reviews
        Matthew Maidment
        exceeds expectations

        great hands free spotlight. in choppy water I could spot long nose gar from nearly 100 feet. My bit of hunting experience tells me this headlamp will be top of the line for tracking as well. customer service gets 5star as well

        Shaiann Walkup

        My step dad is a very outdoorsy man and this was one thing he wanted. He’s 1000% satisfied with this purchase. He uses it whenever needed.

        Joyce Schultz
        Best headlamp ever

        This is my first review ever.
        I purchased the Frog 20 watt headlamp. I just had to have it. This thing is amazing! It throws a beam clear across my property.
        I love that it's rechargeable, no batteries to bother with. Once you buy a quality product like Mudbelly Outdoor Supply carries, you'll never settle for anything less. Everyone that sees it is amazed. Great customer service and quality products.

        Robert Hudson
        Partially satisfied

        I only gave it 4 stars because I should’ve compared or read more about the frog. I purchased the 10 watt light first and it’s super bright, in my thinking I thought a 20 watt would be much brighter. And it is bright, but the design of the lens between the two lights is where the differences come into play. I haven’t had a chance to be in complete darkness and shine the frog yet, but I have no regrets about buying it because I like good bright lights.

        Riley Mckenna