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Vapor Trail Outdoors The Frog 20 watt Headlamp
Vapor Trail Outdoors The Frog 20 watt Headlamp

The Frog - 20 Watt Headlamp

Vapor Trail Scents
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Vapor Trail Scents "The Frog" 20 Watt Headlamp

Handcrafted by Vapor Trail Scents and Vapor Trail Outdoors, the 20 watt The Frog LED headlamp is our brightest headlamp to date. This light features a 3.5-inch globe with a LED bulb that puts out 1920 lumens. The light has a dial which allows you to turn up and down the brightness as needed. The built in rechargeable lithium-ion battery lasts 10 hours on the highest brightness and 100 hours on the lowest brightness from full charge. Also features a small 1-inch light on the battery console that will run for 200 hours on a full charge. Popular with coon hunting and frog gigging.

Waterproof container
USB charging cable

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 15 reviews
        Lane Gay
        Great Light!

        I bought the Four Point about 6-8 months ago and absolutely love it. Decided to get the frog since I liked the other so much. It’s a fantastic light that is super bright and runs all night on the highest setting. It deserves 5 stars. That being said I wanted to give a quick comparison between the Frog and the Four Point. I mostly use them for bowfishing and frog gigging. The four point light has a “warmer” color and penetrates deeper into the water better than the Frog. The Four Point light seems to have a more natural look to the environment (this may also be due to the warmer color) which I prefer over the Frog. The Frog on the other hand has a slightly larger beam but I honestly was unable to tell a difference in the brightness for what I use them for. Both are great lights and you can’t go wrong with either.

        Lance Taylor
        Awesome light

        The light lasted full power for 7 hrs an 9 hrs never changed brightness .Worth the money very bright

        Josh Chlystek
        The frog 20w

        Love this light! Wayyy brighter than i was expecting and the battery life is crazy good!!

        Uriel Rodriguez


        Brent Goodyear
        Fit Exactly What I Was Looking For

        Bought this light as it was recommended by a friend for frogging. Was looking for something wireless, lasted a long time, and bright and this light is definitely all of the 3. It says it’ll last 10 hours on the brightest setting which I haven’t had the chance to test out yet, but I did test it on the brightest setting and after 4 hours I turned it off because I just assumed it would keep going. Very good light if you’re looking for something light weight and portable that’s hands free and lasts a while. Would recommend.